Golden Horseshoe WX

I have been interested in weather since the cold, brutal winters of the late 1970s. As a teenager I would make my own weather charts based on information from the then popular PBS TV program, A.M. Weather. I used to also get weather information from the Great Lakes marine radio station, WMI-Lorain, which would broadcast the MAFOR code and the LAWEB (formerly known as Lakes Weather Broadcast, and now known as the Great Lakes Marine Weather Broadcast).


Yes, information sources for a teenage weather weenie in the '80s were tough to come by, but with perseverance one could be successful. Friendships that I developed at Lorain Electronics of Lorain, Ohio, owners of WMI-Lorain, allowed me access to the facsimile weather charts that they would transmit to vessels on the Great Lakes.


This website is dedicated to my parents, who have now sadly passed on. Their love and guidance shaped me throughout my entire life and it is to them that this website owes it's existence.


I also want to thank the following people who provided software and/or guidance:

Robert Rozumalski of the NWS SOO and Science and Training Resource Center, for making the WRF EMS software available.
Daniel Leins, formerly of NWS Cleveland, and now of NWS Phoenix for the WRFEMS2GRADS software.
Jonathan Case of the NASA SPoRT program for making the 2-km Northern Hemisphere SST and MODIS Greenness Vegetation Fraction products available.
Bill Bellon of SSEC, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for his fantastic JSani software.
Many thanks to Corey Elder and Patrick Cool for their advice and kind comments during the development of this website.
And finally, a big thank you to everyone on the Central Canada Weather Discussion Group, for their friendship. It has been an absolute joy to have such friends and their exchange of ideas and knowledge has been been wonderful.