Golden Horseshoe WX

Golden Horseshoe WX runs the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model on a daily basis. The areal coverage of the domain encompasses all of southern and central Ontario and part of northern Ontario. The model uses the operational 12-km NMM model (NAM 218) for boundary conditions, while the 3-km HRRR model is used for initial conditions. The Green Vegetation Fraction, 3-km CONUS LIS model and 2-km Northern Hemisphere Sea Surface Temperature (SST) products - courtesy of NASA SPoRT - are used for surface conditions.

The model does not use a cumulus parameterization scheme, so convection is produced explicitly.

Information about the model:

General Model Settings (These may vary at times):
Model Computational Domain Information
WRF Core : ARW
Domain Type : Limited Area
Primary Time Step : Adaptive
Step to Output Time : Yes
Grid Dimensions (NX x NY) : 235 x 212
Grid Spacing : 4.00 km
Vertical Layers (NZ) : 40
Top of Model Atmosphere : 75mb
Parent Domain : NA
Model Physics Configuration
Cumulus Scheme : None
Shallow Cumulus Scheme : Off
Microphysics Scheme : Thompson 6-Class DM
PBL Scheme : Yonsei University
YSU Wind Correction : UW Terrain Variance-Relates
Gravitational Settling : No Gravitational Settling
Land-Surface Scheme : Noah 4-Layer LSM
Snow Cover Physics : New School
Number Land Categories : 21 (MODIS + Lakes)
Number Soil Categories : 16
Number of Soil Layers : 4
Surface Layer Physics : Monin-Obukhov
Sfc Heat & Moisture Flux : Model Computed u* and Sfc Fluxes
Long Wave Radiation : RRTM
Short Wave Radiation : Dudhia
SW Update Calls : Update SW Radiation
Short Wave Scattering : 1 x10-5 m2/kg
Cloud Effects : Cloud Effects On
Slope Radiation Effects : Slope Effects On
Topography Shading : Shading Effects On
Max Shade Length : 25 Km
ARW Core Model Dynamics
Dynamics : Non-Hydrostatic
Time-Integration Scheme : Runge-Kutta 3rd Order
Diffusion Scheme : Simple Diffusion
6th-order Diffusion : No 6th-Order Diffusion
Eddy Coefficient Scheme : 2D 1st Order Closure
Damping Option : No Damping
W Damping : W Damping On
Horiz Momentum Advection : 5th Order
Horiz Scalar Advection : 5th Order
Vert Momentum Advection : 3rd Order
Vert Scalar Advection : 3rd Order
Sound Time Step Ratio : Automatic
Moisture Advection Option : Positive-Definite
Scalar Advection Option : Positive-Definite
Momentum Advection Option : Positive-Definite
TKE Advection Option : Positive-Definite

More information

Looking for more information about the WRF EMS model? Please visit the Science and Training Resource. For general information regarding the WRF model, please see WRF Model Users Page.