Golden Horseshoe WX
Tuesday April 2, 2024

The April 3-4, 1974 Super Outbreak WRF simulation has been added to the case studies page.

Sunday May 8, 2022

A new WRF domain is available! The Region of Interest, or ROI, will be a moveable domain.

Sunday June 12, 2016

Added Haines Index and Fosberg Fire Index are now available.

Wednesday March 9, 2016

The 1-6km Updraft Helicity and Lightning Potential Index are now available.

Sunday January 10, 2016

The WRF model has been updated from 3.4.1.x to 3.7.1.x.

Friday October 16, 2015

Fire weather parameters (Haines Index and Ventilation Rate) have been turned off for the season. Critical thicknesses, Precipitation Type, Hourly Snowfall, Total Accumulated Snowfall and Snow Depth are now available.

Monday October 2, 2015

New bufkit profiles have been added: (CWDV) and Armstrong (CWYW).

Monday September 14, 2015

New to the bufkit profiles page are Lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron and Georgian Bay.

Saturday June 27, 2015

Added Lake Ontario Center Buoy (LO1) bufkit profile.

Sunday January 11, 2015

The August 21, 2011 Goderich Tornado WRF-ARW simulation images and loops are now available.

Friday January 5, 2015

Goderich Bufkit profile is now available.

Saturday December 27, 2014

Some may have noticed the availability of 80-meter wind images on the model parameter selection page. The 80-meter wind product has been found to be a better indicator of surface wind gust potential during times of strong vertical motion transport. This also applies to the HRRR model.

Saturday October 11, 2014

Mount Forest and Barrie Bufkit profiles are now being produced.

Saturday August 9, 2014

The May 31,1985 Barrie Tornado WRF-ARW simulation images are now available.

Friday April 26, 2014

Updated image creation software from Grads 2.02 to 2.1+. The result is improved colour ( publication quality) and improved legibility to the wind barbs. The downside: increased file size. In fact, the image files are 3-times larger.

Saturday April 12, 2014

Added Hourly Maximum Parameters; Column Integrated Graupel, Updraft Velocity and Downdraft Velocity.

Wednesday April 2, 2014

Added 700-500mb Lapse Rate, 2-5km Updraft Helicity and Simulated Radar VIL products.

Monday September 9, 2013

Added Bufkit profiles to the site.

Tuesday September 3, 2013

Added North Bay to the model forecast sounding table.

Monday August 25, 2013

Added a smoother and changed the colour scheme of the lapse rate product to enhance legibility.

Friday August 23, 2013

Changed the Microphysics and PBL Physics schemes of the model from WSM6 and MYN to Thompson and Yonsei (Yonsei University) schemes respectively. The WMS6 was generating an unrealistic forecast of higher precipitation values along the domain borders. Hopefully, this problem is now fixed.